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Nov 14 (Scorpio)
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It's Complicated
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Time for an update~~ I still live a rather boring lifeI .  I have been happily divorced for many years and live  in a small house by one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota with my two cats, Buddy and Lexi (YEP! I'm one pf those crazy old cat ladies.)  I worked at a food processing company for 28 years and took an early retirement in 1995.   Then I worked a number of part time or temporary jobs for the next few years, but I discovered that I was a lot more expensive than I had expected, so I took a full time job at a printing company in 2001.  I retired (for the second time) at the end of 2007. Life has taught me that being alone and being lonely are two totally different things. I love to cook, read, play word or board games, and work crossword puzzles...and, of course, now I am addicted to the computer.  I don't watch much television except for the news programs .I have a pretty good sense of humor...albeit a little on the dark side at times, but I can find wit and humor in almost every situation. I enjoy spirited conversation and debate and I don't back away from controversy~~if I wanted agreement all the time, I would talk to myself. I can be very opinionated, and enjoy others who are the same if they can disagree or argue ideas  without using personal insults. I consider myself to be spiritual, but agnostic, because I just DON'T KNOW what the truth is. I do not ascribe to any formal religion, but I respect all who do if they are sincere in their beliefs and do not hurt others.  I have no time for hypocrisy, usury, or blatant lying in communications with or treatment of other people.  I despise "political correctness" and most liberalism. I love animals of all kinds and have had various pets....some domestic and some right out of the woods!  I live in a rustic setting here and wildlife abounds. I have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren, all of whom live in Oregon now so our interaction is mostly confined to telephone and computer. My oldest grandson has lived with me off and on since he graduated from high school, but he loves Oregon~~as do the rest of my spawn!! :) That's me in a nut shell !
Janesville, MN
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[email protected] (aol)
It would be easier to tell you what I am NOT interested in.
Favorite Music:
Classical and Country~~~how's that for diversification?
Favorite TV Shows:
"The Five" (when Bob Beckel is gone) "Last Man Standing" "The Jesse Watters Show" *The Greg Gutfeld Show"
Favorite Movies:
Whatever I'm watching at the time.
Favorite Books:
"Atlas Shrugged"~~Ayn Rand (my all time favorite) "The Animal Farm"~~George Orwell "The Joy of Hate"~~Greg Gutfeld "American Sniper"~~Chris Kyle Keep It Pithy~~Bill O'ReillyThings That Matter~~Charles Krauthammer
Favorite Quotes:
"It's easier to stay out than to get out"....Mark Twain "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."...Mark Twain "I've always been interested in people...I just never liked them"...Henry James
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